Tina LaRosa

Tina is a singer/songwriter heavily influenced by classic rock legends like Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, Joni Mitchell, Kenny Loggins, James Taylor and The Beatles. Modern influences include John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Dodi, and other singer-songwriters who embrace classic folk and meld it with modern pop.

When Tina's mom unexpectedly died in 2019, she picked up a ukulele that her dad had bought her and started to write music to deal with her grief - writing her first songs at the age of 12. Throughout the pandemic, Tina continued to write music. She compiled her original set of songs into her first album she published at age 14 called Glass Half Full. Since then she has added guitar to her repertoire. She released an EP in 2023 with 3 songs focused on grief and is donating all revenue to Experience Camps for Grieving Children. 

She released an album in 2024 compiling some songs written on both guitar and ukulele called Independent Artist. Her single "Fool" was released in April.

Tina has won multiple song-writing contests including the grand-prize for a jingle she wrote for MyMuse Organic Drinks and second prize for a song she wrote for the Partnership for a Drug Free NJ.

Tina also writes songs for A Song For You which is a non-profit that writes songs for people in hospice.

Tina continues to perform live at various locations in Long Beach Island, 54Below in NYC and in Northern NJ. Anyone who knows Tina will agree that her label "Radiate Positivity Records" is accurately named.

Causes Tina cares about...